Bark at the park, Purcellville Cannons Baseball,


How we became who we are today.

In Jan of 2015 my husband was evacuated to Walter Reed. With a little one in school and knowing his career in the Army would more than likely be over, I stayed behind to look for a home and finish out the school year. My daughter and I frequented a local farmers market where we purchased our weekly milk, eggs, breads and cheeses. We became close with a few of the vendors and one day the idea popped up that I should join. Not having any, and I do mean any crafty type skills, but a passion for dog nutrition, they mentioned dog treats. I always had my dog with me and was extremely passionate about her health after losing our prior pup to seizures, it seemed only fitting. I raw fed my dog and wanted to stick to that side of treats. After researching I decided to dehydrate some boneless skinless chicken breast. "Wicks -N- Tricks" was launched. I attended the market scared as hell worried I'd be laughed out. With dollar store buckets and a borrowed table I stood and waited. People began to buy what few bags I had and my hopes were on the rise. I slowly built W-N-T while my daughter and I traveled back and forth to Walter Reed. 

     Fast forward to Dec 2015 during a visit it was obvious my husband took a turn for the worse. Without thinking I packed the house and we moved. W-N-T was put into storage. Arriving to Walter Reed in Jan of 2016. It was a long and hard year of heavy treatments, fighting and digging. In Nov '16 my husband was officially medically retired. We moved to Purcellville Va to stay close to W.R. as he still had 5-8 appointments a week. Another hard year was to follow. As I slowly pulled W-N-T out of boxes I stared

at it wondering if I should even start back up. In Sept of '18 we relaunched,

renamed and LLC'd. We joined a local Farmers Market, the Purcellville Farmers Market. Wicked K9 Treats was officially launched. We searched out the best farms in Loudoun County to supply our grass fed beef liver and other seasonal items that we carry. And have built relationships with them. We strive to source the best ingredients you can find. 

 Since then we have built a wonderful customer base. Customers that would come out in the rain, snow and wind to purchase our treats. We even found ourselves being carried in a few local owned and operated stores.  We've met so many wonderful people along this journey and their dogs. We love what we do and enjoy being apart of the community we now call home. 

We love being involved in community service and events. And look forward to what the future brings.